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Property for sale Curacao

There are many reasons for buying a property abroad. It's about a place where you can escape to from time to time during the year without having to look for vacation properties every time before going on holiday. 

House for sale Curacao

While searching for the right property abroad, the most important decision to make is, in which country you are going to buy the property in. Eventually, it is going to be a country which you love to come again and again to, either to rest from everyday life, or because it is a country where you feel particularly well. One of the countries in which not only tourists always feel good, but also doesn't mean a huge change for Europeans, is Curacao. In this constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, official languages are Dutch,Papiamentu and English​. An also often spoken language is Spanish. The country is inhabited by people of different ethnicity, for which reason new inhabitants on the island feel very soon at home. A property on Curacao are therefore a great opportunity to relax in a tropical paradise-like environment within your own home. Buying property on Curacao means for future property owners great beaches, excellent cuisine, a breathtaking underwater world and so much more.

Buy property on Curacao

A property abroad offers of course also the possibility of renting the own property, while you're staying in your first property. This doesn't just mean additional income that you can expect during this time, but also less costs because certain bills must also be paid during your absence. The number of German tourists on the island compared to tourists from the Netherlands or the neighboring countries, such as Venezuela, is rather low, but this varies from year to year. This can be interpreted as a possibility, to rent a house on Curacao is very easily to friends or family as a vacation rental. Finally, owners of real estates on Curacao are amongst the few to whom friends can carefree turn to, when they want to spend the holiday in Curacao. Most travel agencies either offer trips to countries, which have been more attractive for Germans in the last few years, or they may not have much experience, when it comes to vacation in Curacao, to guarantee you the best deals. Buying property on Curacao therefore, is a matter that is worthwhile right now.
But buying a house on Curacao as a property abroad, for many people also means an opportunity to later enjoy the pension abroad. Pension ultimately means much more time to relax during the year, which can be particularly pleasant on a place, which doesn't represent a new environment.


Самые популярные предложения в Кюрасао

Смотреть все предложения