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Immo Portugal

Immo Portugal


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Активна с: 01-01-2013

О нас

Since 2006, is Immo Portugal specialized in offering newly built – real estate in Portugal and giving professional advice in the search for a house, apartment, holiday home, villa or terrain in Portugal.
IMMO PORTUGAL concentrates on offering real estate in developing regions where today real estate can still be purchased at low prices or yield a high return on investment.

IMMO PORTUGAL assists you in your search for a suitable house or second residence in the beautiful country of Portugal.
We are convinced that the time you spend in Portugal is quality time and this preferably in the villa or apartment of your dreams.
In Portugal, you might realize the dream which in Belgium and the Netherlands has not been affordable anymore for a long time. On top of that, you have the sun as an extra feature.
IMMO PORTUGAL mainly concentrates on being the intermediary for the purchase and development of your real estate in Portugal.
For these and all legal & fiscal matters, we assist you together with the Belgian-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.


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