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Jäger Bau

Jäger Bau


Grote Haag 31


Активна с: 01-01-1922

О нас

JÄGER’s primary business fields are underground construction, construction and civil engineering and project development.

JÄGER is active in underground construction around the world. This area of activity includes mechanical and conventional tunnel construction, as well as shaft and cavern construction. In addition to the proven boring and blasting methods, JÄGER relies above all on driving with tunnel boring machines.

JÄGER is successfully involved in the field of construction and civil engineering throughout the region. For private owners, public authorities, architecture and engineering offices, JÄGER is a sought-after partner for the construction of housing complexes, industrial, business, and public buildings, social facilities, roads and sewage systems as well as special civil engineering assignments.

In project development, JÄGER is engaged in development, planning, construction, and selling of high quality residential, business, and tourism projects in the best locations.


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