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House in nature

Always dreamed of having a home in an environment where you don't hear anything? A wonderful spot to relax. Just get away from everything and spend a week completely enjoying the energy found in nature. Every country has the possibility of buying a house in a nature reserve, so a chalet in the forests of the Ardennes is a good choice, but a farm with a vineyard in Tuscany is
also not so bad. Or just a cottage close to home in Drenthe or Gelderland?

Renting out

As a landlord you have an advantage if you like to travel. Renting out your home is a good option to get be a part of your investment back. You can choose to enable large-scale rental through an organization, but it is also possible to limit it to friends and acquaintances. For the this you can take a look at the website of micazu.nl.

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